This is the software solution, type “Mobile sales”, for automation of work for sales managers.

23 Июля 2014


Sooner or later any company faced with the need to develop a distribution network for effective promotion of the goods on the market. This includes the work of the various categories of "roving" staff directly from the client. The article describes an embedded solution for automation of sales managers, supervisors, and freight forwarders.


Develop an IT solution to qualitatively raise the level of distribution, and provides additional advantages over competitors. The software should run on low-cost smartphones and provide the following functionality:

  • collection of personal data of the client;

  • development of product applications at the client (pre-selling);

  • development of applications for repayment by the client;

  • display complete product information: images, packaging, marking, barcode, etc.;

  • displays information about the client: address, location map, phone number, contact person, etc.;

  • display of the current residual products in stock, commodity prices and their customer discount;

  • display of the client's current debt and recommended order of payments by date;

  • storing the history of sales outlet;

  • assistant order on compulsory and recommended products in distribution channels;

  • fixing the location of applications using GPS and the transfer of this data to the server;

  • integration with accounting software.


As a platform for creating mobile solutions has been selected by the operating system Windows Phone 8. Developing applications for Windows Phone 8 has a number of advantages over other platforms:

  • to create corporate use, distribution of which is possible only within the same company;
  • modern, functional and free Visual Studio 2012;

  • effective support for developers by Microsoft: advice, complete documentation, sample code in c #, etc., available on Windows Phone Development Center;

  • the availability of low-cost smartphones based on the Windows Phone 8, such as Nokia 520, cost up to $ 200.

It was decided to Exchange data between a Smartphone and a server by using the HTTP protocol. Then for server side solution sufficient to install IIS, available now on any Microsoft operating system. Internet Information Services (IIS) has established itself as a reliable enterprise solution and does not require a lot of time on startup and configuration.

In the process of exchanging data Smartphone gets:

  • data on customers, their current debt and recommended payment order by date, date of visit, sales representative, individual discounts;
  • product information: the rests in a warehouse, the prices;

  • data on exchange rates;

and passes to the server:

  • designed for the shipment of goods, with geo-referencing to place statements;:
  • designed for repayment by the client, which is transformed into a system of receipt cash order;

  • update on the customer's location on a map, to form the current routes of delivery of the products in the system.

Information stored on the server in the form of text files, set format that allows you to easily import data from smartphones in accounting systems, such as 1 c, etc.

Application screenshots are shown below.

From left to right: 1 - product catalog; 2 - detailed information about the product; 3 - route sales representative for the chosen date; 4 - order shipment and magazine applications; 5 - the order of settling with clients and magazine applications for repayment of the debt.

Figure 1 - Mobile trading application screenshots on base Windows Phone 8.

The server part of the software lets you import data into the accounting system, formation of customer visit schedules and route sales managers, monitoring of implementation of charts hits, display maps with location for shipping orders abstract, formation of the running schedules (with maps) for Transport Department.

Figure 2 - Example of monitoring and route sales representative according to Mobile Smartphone applications.

Figure 3 - Monitoring of implementation schedules visits clients in registration system.


Thanks to the functionality, that is implemented in the, you can minimize the time spent by the client before mobile 50%, compared with the time when working with paper. It is also increases the number of visited points by sales managers in the day. Additional software features allow you to convert the quantitative distribution into high-quality distribution, thereby increasing the overall competitiveness and tying the end client not to the mobile employee, but to the company he represents.

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Translation from Russian Tatyana Kalchenko.

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