This is the software solution, type “Mobile sales”, for automation of work for sales managers.
23 Июля 2014

One way to increase the effectiveness of the distribution network of the company - it is an organization of mobile sales. This article describes the complete client-server solution based on Windows Phone 8 and IIS.

This is an example of warehouse management system (WMS). Impart to you our experience.
22 Июля 2014

There are many approaches to address storage in a warehouse, which are transformed into software products. But in practice, few decisions really fully meet the requirements of the particular company, including the total cost of ownership. The publication describes one of the attempts to implement its own system of management of the warehouse.

Automating the process to formation of procure of goods with large shoulder delivery.
21 Июля 2014
The fourth and final article is in a block on automating procurement of goods.
It‘s insurance stock. Cannot be forget about them.
28 Июня 2014

Properly designed insurance stocks is the key to a company's success and peace of mind you and your clients.

Is it possible to automate the sales forecasting?
19 Июня 2014

How to relieve work experts product groups to develop sales forecasts? Is it possible? Can you trust such a process calculus? Won’t this error due to which the company will incur losses for a long time? Answers in the article…

How to increase the effectiveness of using ABC-XYZ analysis?
17 Июня 2014

An example that will show that the ABC analysis is not only the proof of the principle of "80/20" Wilfredo Paretto.

Description of data exchange file formats for Mobile Distribution version 1.0 and higher.
24 Ноября 2013

Provides a detailed description of the data exchange file formats for Mobile Distribution version 1.0 and higher, intended for use on Windows Phone 8. This application can be installed on the device using Windows Phone Store.